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Send your dreams by voice memo to and we will publish them here.

Haley Schwartz is an actor, playwright, intimacy choreographer, and teaching artist. She is based out of Los Angeles, California. 


Brianna Cox is a director, actor, screenwriter, playwright, video editor, and educator based out of Brooklyn, New York.


Syd Island (they/them) sometimes makes art and music. (@syd.island)


Jon Kirsch is a court reporter by trade, but his true purpose is climate activism. A writer and organizer with the Sunrise Movement, h e is based out of Brooklyn, New York. 

Xiye Bastida is a Mexican-Chilean climate activist, speaker, and organizer with Fridays for Future. She is based in New York City. 


Jeremy Ornstein is the Storytelling Lead for the Sunrise Movement, and is based out of Massachusetts. 


Katie Carbonara is an organizer with the Sunrise Movement. She is based in New Hampshire. 


adrienne maree brown and Autumn Brown are sisters and hosts of the podcast How To Survive the End of the World.  adrienne is the author of bestselling books Pleasure Activism, Emergent Strategies, and Octavia’s Brood. Autumn is a mother, artist, theologian, and more. 


Han VanSchriver is a professional actor, writer, and musician, and the artistic director of The Greenfield Collective. They are an MFA student at Brown/Trinity Rep and are based out of Providence, Rhode Island.  


Jenna Tipaldo is a research and adjunct lecturer at CUNY, where she does research on attitudes towards climate change, and a volunteer with the Sunrise Movement.  

Ellen Zahniser is a performer and writer who lives in providence ri and is psyched to be part of this project!


Mendel Skulski is one of the hosts and producers of Future Ecologies, a podcast that investigates how our relationship with nature shapes every aspect of who we are. The show is a mix of nerdy science, decolonial philosophy, bad puns, and lots of music. They recently released their own mini-series on climate action called “Scales of Change”. It’s set up like a field guide – an audio handbook to recognizing the different psychologies, or “dragons” of climate inaction, and how they can be overcome. Mendel is based out of Vancouver, Canada.


You can subscribe to Future Ecologies wherever you find podcasts, or learn more at

Conner Geery (she/they) is a graduate student studying environmental engineering and is based the San Francisco Bay Area.


Elizabeth Tarantino is a farmer, Keeper of Secrets, and the rootinist tootinist duck mom this side of Casco Bay.  

Hannah Margolin is 26 and loves hermit crabs, seasonally appropriate weather, and the idea of a future. 


Emma Keaney is a dessert-loving, nature-exploring, hug-seeking energetic human living in Boston, working in fundraising at an environemntal nonprofit, and spending time outdoors as much as possible. 


Stefanie Kaufman - Mthimkhulu, Stefanie is the director of Project LETS, an organization facilitating peer support for mental healing. Stefanie is also the parent to the most wonderful one-year-old. Stefanie is based out of Providence, RI.


Mel Hagos is an organizer with the Sunrise Movement.



Arielle Martinez-Cohen is a college sophomore and is the music director of Zero Hour.  She is based out of Providence, Rhode Island and Los Angeles, California. 



Andres Chang is a mixed media artist and a research lead at CDP, where he supports the development of global climate action programs. 


Aliya Greenberg is a design engineer based out of Boston, Massachusetts.  



Ted Bogin was previously the Hub Coordinator of Sunrise NYC. 



Ivy Burns is a biologist and library worker. 



Sara Dunn is an illustrator, printmaker, and gardener based in Providence, RI; she dreams of a greener, brighter world in her art and practice. 

Matthew Miles Goodrich is a writer and organizer based in Brooklyn. 


Anna Siegal is a high school student and activist with Maine Youth Climate Strikes. She is based out of southern Maine. 

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